Funnel Script Demo – Funnel Scripts Revealed

So In this article, I’m going to go through what funnel scripts is, and if funnel scripts worth it. Then I’m going to take you and walk you through the dashboard here. So first of all, let’s go and check out what funnel scripts are. Funnel Script Demo

What Is Funnel Scripts? Funnel Script Demo

So if you’ve never heard of it, it’s a copywriting generator for your sales copy. So a lot of people will grab this guy and they’ll generate sales scripts for their websites or online sales copy. When you come into the dashboard here, you’ll see they’ve brought out a ton of stuff.



Now it does cost $497 per year, which to be honest when I first purchased it this was a huge investment for me in my business.  But all I can say it for my business it’s been worth it!


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Now what you get is, they’ve got training and funnel script tips and then they’ve also got these downloadable wizards. So when you download them, it’s like a little application on your desktop and you can just follow the wizard and it creates the whole script for you.



Create Awesome Headlines Funnel Script Demo

Now I’m finding that a lot of people when I look through the Internet, they are doing video marketing, they love, love, love the video sales letter and the perfect webinar wizard. Now me personally, I do a little bit more of just like advertising and content marketing. So the ones that I’ve found that I use the most are the headline scripts.



I love creating awesome headlines. So I actually just did a quick little demo here with a timeless classic headline script.  This literally took me about one minute or less to fill in these few blanks here. Then I got a hundred plus timeless classic headline scripts.

So, I mean, you can go through all of them and see and here’s an example.



Take this one-minute online business tests. So I guess it really kind of depends what you’re selling, but like this is crazy how fast that generated for me.


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Also the other thing that I use a lot is,  the script ads. They’ve got both for Facebook and for Google ads.



So you can see here the different advertising. So let’s actually just walk through the side bit here. You’ve got your expert secrets scripts.



these are if you haven’t heard of Clickfunnels or Russell Brunson these are all the scripts that Russell teaches in his expert secrets book.


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I’ll put a link in the description below, and if you have heard of Clickfunnels, just drop us a Hashtag CF in the comments below. I just want to see kind of how many people know about ClickFunnels.


Amazing Amount Of Options With Funnel Scripts Funnel Script Demo

Then you’ve got your sales copy and videos. So these are going to be everything that would have to do with either video selling or like your webpage, sales letters, a case study, testimonials, bullets.

So if you have a product or a service and you want to list out the different things that you include, your advertising scripts, your content creation that would be I guess more for like blogs and stuff like that or as well as email marketing. Funnel Script Demo

Then you’ve got a full-on email section as well. You have titles, headlines, and subject lines and I use these all the time as well as sales letters.

So you can see like you need to have an idea of like, who is your target audience, what’s your main topic and stuff like this is pretty typical of what they ask you to fill in.



Now one of the things that they go through in the training is like, you can just put some random word like pineapple in there and you know, when you generate the script here, let me just show you for example, what’s my main topic Pineapple.



So profits that lie hidden in your pineapple, right It doesn’t really make sense.



So then it can help you remove that creative block and say like, what’s actually going to make sense for my niche in that spot.


Do I Need Funnel Scripts? Funnel Script Demo

So is funnel scripts worth it, overall I would have to say definitely YES.  If you are in the business of creating sales copy marketing online, if you’re a person that just has a slight creative block or maybe you just need some help creating ideas then I would say no.

In that case I would actually recommend a different platform which is called Builderall.

For 29 bucks per month, they give you a script generator included in their funnel building software. It’s not as robust as funnel scripts per se, but it helps you kind of kickstart those creative juices.


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Does Funnel Scripts Add Value To Your Business? Funnel Script Demo

So now let’s break it down further to see if it’s worth it.  Well, let’s first start off by maybe doing a quick search on sales copywriter services and just kind of see, let’s, let’s have a look and kind of see what people are charging.

I mean, I wouldn’t say Fiverr is a really good example because I don’t think that that’s really quality copywriting. Let’s see what this person charges.

If they have pricing on here while they’re going to, they want a quote. So here’s one that says $100 per page.

I guess that can really add up if you’ve got a lot of pages, charge at least $50 an hour.  So I think in this case it’s one of those things that’s kind of similar to web design.  You get what you paid for, right so if you’re paying someone on five or five bucks, you’re probably not going to get the greatest copy.

Also I mean, let’s be honest, how many times do you need to change around copy and create new sales copy for your offers or your website if you do it a lot, if you’re in that business, then yes, funnel scripts is worth it.

You should invest in it, you should use it on your own.


Testimonials of current Funnel Script Users – Its Worth It Funnel Script Demo

Now lastly, I just want to show you really quick some of the testimonials of funnel scripts users  that I’ve found on Facebook. Funnel Script Demo



You can see here, you know, a lot of people are really excited about it looks like nonprofits, people that work with nonprofit organizations really benefit from, you know, this sales copy generator.

I think that’s really important to point out because it’s really going to depend on you, your niche and your business.

So yeah, I mean it has a lot of really great reviews. I personally think it’s a good tool if you’re using it all the time.

If you don’t use it on a weekly or monthly basis, I don’t think that it would really be worth it in that case. In that case I would suggest the script generator that’s included in Builderall for example, but otherwise you’re definitely going to want to use Funnel Scripts.

If you want to take advantage of this awesome tool just click on the link below.



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