How To Write An Effective Ad Copy – Secrets Of Funnel Scripts


Hey guys I want to give you a really quick overview and review of a Funnel Scripts.

I’ve purchased it and been using it and it works amazingly well, now even though it’s not for everyone, there’s some people that can get along with funnel scripts and for these people it’s definitely advantageous and can be very beneficial if you’re struggling with copywriting. How To Write An Effective Ad Copy


Now What Exactly Is Funnel Scripts? How To Write An Effective Ad Copy

So what in the world do you need Funnel Scripts for? Well you’re trying to write copy for tons of things like;

  • Web pages
  • Sales letters
  • Webinars
  • Emails

These are just a few of the examples but there’s all kinds of things. Now you’re trying to write copy to sell somebody something like with Facebook ads and a lot of times we just struggle with the copywriting

We just struggle and we freeze and it’s really hard for us to successfully write that copy unless we’re a copywriter.

A lot of us, will just go write copy that we think sounds good and most often than not it will fail miserably.

Now copy is really the number one difference between our funnel, an ad and an entire strategy really that succeeds and a strategy that doesn’t, it’s copy.

You could sell a really crappy product with good copy, but you could not sell a really, really good product with bad copy, it just doesn’t work that way.


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How Much Does Funnel Scripts Cost? How To Write An Effective Ad Copy

So it is an annual fee which comes to $497, which can seem a little price.

However, the concept behind it is that it saves you from having to hire a copywriter, which can be thousands of dollars every year or you cam write your own copy with the problems explained above.

When you look at the potential with this the fee really isn’t that much.


So Many Possibilities With Funnel Scripts How To Write An Effective Ad Copy

So Funnel Scripts aims to basically bridge that gap of what people are struggling with, which is copy.

So if you look here you’ve got; Amazon e-commerce script, a call to action script, a lead capture script, a magic bullet, which I don’t even know what that is. Order bump or a one time offer, promoting a webinar.



You even have an option if you’re  making a special offer promoting a case study and curiosity ads. I love the ad ones such as  Facebook ads, PPC ads, scripts, things like that. How To Write An Effective Ad Copy


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You have free report too, so when you’re trying to sell a free report, the script you should use.

Also, you have Seinfeld email sequences if you’re familiar with those and other email teasers and things like that, right Basically there’s just tons of things.

Whatever online business you have I can say pretty certainly there will be a script that you can use on Funnel Scripts.


Capture People So Easily – Facebook Ads Example How To Write An Effective Ad Copy

So I’m going to go over a quick example for the Facebook newsfeed ads. Now that’s something a lot of us struggle with like, the main recurring questions are; how do we write these and how do I really capture people with my newsfeed ad?

Right so Funnel Scripts will ask you some questions about your product.  It’ll say what is your, main key words and then it gives you an example that clearly clarifies below.



So it’s like a for sale by owner site or do you have a nerve pain site or even a photography, well mine is entrepreneurs.  So next up it says what is your ideal prospect, my ideal prospect is an entrepreneur.



Next up describe the thing from above in a way that would arouse curiosities, here you want to use examples like secret, under the radar, free, little known, proven black hole off the record.



I have fun words that catch people’s eye so I chose secret. Now what is the big payoff? Well, it’s that we can create a passive income from this relatively simply.



When you wave your magic wand and give your users what they want, when did they get the payoff?

It gives some examples, like do they get it automatically Does it take a while or fast in a flash What timeframe So they get it in less than a month and 10 minutes, one hour, you know, well, what’s the time frame of it?




Finally then it says, what’s the big obstacle.  So for me, it’s people spending a lot of money on ads and well, I could be a successful affiliate if I spent $20,000 on ads.  Well, most people can’t do that.



Ok, so you answered the questions. You say, I want this on a Facebook ad. It says ok well let’s talk about what you’re trying to run ads for.  Look at this nice thing here, It’s going to build the ad for you.



Okay, I’ve seen it. I’m going to keep scrolling down. It’s actually going to build. Typically when you click build, it’s going to build you about 20 of whatever you’re looking for. How To Write An Effective Ad Copy



So it’s going to say, here’s one option, here’s another option. It’s gonna give you a bunch of different options that you can choose the best one.

As you can see above here’s some sample headline;

Affiliate secrets the course that gets results.

You too can create a passive income and listen a month.

Affiliate Secrets Create a passive income with affiliate secrets to create a passive income instantly with affiliate secrets.

10 questions answered about a foot secrets and affiliates

Secret topics to create a passive income in less than a month.

Tons and tons of different things, those are headlines.  After that it’s going to give you the actual text.

This says If you’re an entrepreneur and you struggle with spending $1,000 of ads, then you need to fill it secrets to create a passive income.


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So that one kind of sounds funny, you might have to adjust it a little bit but you’re getting the idea here what it’s doing, right.

It’s giving you an insight on how Russell Brunson writes his ad copy and it says he, he uses these strategies.

You just need to plug in your product and then all of his strategies are going to come out and you can pick which copy strategy he uses and then it gives you a description as well.



Funnel Scripts does that with all of them so you can choose whatever it is you’re doing and there’s a high probability It’s got a script for it.

Anything that you’re doing as an entrepreneur, there’s a script for it. It also has a really big script process that you can download called the perfect webinar wizard.

They actually download on your computer and build out this entire perfect webinar.

Using all of Russell’s methods that you read about in Expert Secrets and you read about in the Perfect Webinar, all of this can be done in funnel scripts.

So It’s a wizard,  You literally just plug things in and you can build your webinar in an hour instead of in a week, right You just plug in the same way I just did and It’ll ask you tons of questions and you’ll plug in answers and it will build out the Webinar for you. How To Write An Effective Ad Copy



I’m seeing with a VSL, easy survey script. I haven’t done some of these survey scripts. But anyway, I think it’s just important for you to see the back end and see what it can do for you.

Basically, it’s a way if you want to, if you’re going to create a lot of funnels and ads and you need to create copy fast and you don’t have copywriters and you’re not necessarily really good at copy yourself, this is for you.



So folks hands down you need to be able to quickly produce high performing copy and this comes from people that produce very high performing copy and they basically show you exactly how they do it.

You just need to plug in your product and your adjectives and just like that your problems are solved. Then it goes from there and it’s a super cool product and there’s a link down below if you want to give it a try.


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