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Welcome to the funnel scripts review 2019, So to recap guys, what I want to do here is I’m going to give you a quick review on funnel scripts for 2019 and I just want to go through some of the basics and some of the things that I use on a regular basis and show you how powerful this is. Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media


So What Is Funnel Scripts? Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

Now for those that don’t quite know what this is, Funnel Scripts is a copywriting generator for your sales copy.  A lot of people will grab this guy and they’ll generate sales scripts for their websites or online sales copy.



Now it costs $497 per year, which to be honest when I first purchased it this was a huge investment for me in my business.  But all I can say it for my business it’s 100% been worth it!


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ClickFunnels and Funnel Scripts go hand in hand Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

So I use Funnel Scripts on a daily basis. I write my webinars from it, my sales copy landing page, copy my headlines, Facebook ads for my clients.

There’s are just a few things but I do everything on here as It’s a powerful, fantastic tool.

You do not have to be a ClickFunnels user to have this but if you are a ClickFunnels user and you are not using Funnel Scripts, you’re crazy!!. You’ve got to use this, so let’s hop in and take a look guys.


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Very Simple To Get Into Funnel Scripts Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

All right, here we go. So you can see above  this is the Funnel Scripts dashboard which is pretty straightforward.



Ok so firstly a bit on the background, Funnel Scripts is created by Jim Edwards, who’s an absolutely amazing copywriter and a member of the Two Comma Club on ClickFunnels.

If you’re not familiar with that, that’s anybody who’s made over a million dollars using a funnel within ClickFunnels.

Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson, who’s the founder of ClickFunnels, got together and created this awesome, insane piece of software for new entrepreneurs like me and seasoned entrepreneurs to help them grow their business, share their message, and it’s absolutely powerful.

So if you’re not good at writing copy or if you spend a lot of money hiring or if you’ve wasted a lot of time on copy, or all of the above. Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

For me, this is the place to be. I can get fantastic copy killer copy, happy that converts in minutes and spit that out.


Multiple Applications, Start Using Straight Away Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

So looking at the applications, I can get 20, 30, 50, 40 examples and take the best ones, go out and try them for yourself.


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Now this really is fantastic. I can write;

  • Webinars in here, which I do.
  • I can write my sales letter in here.
  • I write my emails in here.
  • I even use this to come up with the youtube video ideas.
  • I use this to come up with email ideas with Facebook,
  • Post ideas, with Twitter posts.

I also write my epiphany bridge story. So if you’re not a click funnels user epiphany bridges telling your story getting people to like, and trust you.

Now if you’re a click funnels user, you know this and you should be using this.


The Perfect Webinar Wizard Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

Here is the perfect webinar wizard so let’s get started here.

From the tops of the perfect webinar wizard is within ClickFunnel or as it was within a funnel scripts and like everything here, in funnel scripts, it’s goes, here’s a question, give me the answer.

Here’s the next question. Give me the answer. Here’s the next question. Give me the answer…you get the idea.



You don’t have to complicate it, you don’t have to make it hard.

You enter in the questions and funnel scripts, does the rest and then when it comes back out, if you need to tweak it, you can tweak one answer.  You can go back to, I want to rechange the answer.


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So you can hit save, it is populated again and look at it, change it, tweak it, do whatever you need to do and that’s what I love about this is when it comes back.

A lot of it is more when it comes back, you know, I’m going to run through it and make my tweaks as I need to, but it gives me such a powerful framework to work with that. It’s fantastic, I do very little adjustments.

Now you can see here what would be finished or hope I have the right one pulled up. Perfect Webinar.



Here we go, so here’s one that I created and you can see here, this is the raw uncut version here.

I was doing this for a dog boarding company and I created the Webinar, how to generate canine leads and how to create a canine lead generation that is fully automated.

Obviously I changed some of the welcome and introduction.  I went with ‘If you failed at getting more canine clients in the past, it’s not your fault if you’ve been concerned in the past that you can’t succeed with getting more Canine clients, put those fears to rest. Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

So it is trading and pre-framing this Webinar for me, I didn’t write that stuff.



I just put in canine clients and then it’s filling in all the other stuff cause canine clients is my audience and it’s going to go down. It’s going to give me all the WHO does this apply to ‘I left a high paying job and actually signed a lease for my new yoga studio the day before. So this is talking about my past.



If you have a quick case study of someone you’ve worked with, it also tells you here, which is great. It tells you what to put in this particular slide.

So you can see here and glad this came up. I didn’t add anything here cause I don’t have the case study for this yet.

But if I had it, it’s telling me you put in a quick case study of someone you’ve worked with having success, and then you talk about it here.



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So it tells you where to put it within your webinars and you’re not just haphazardly going through it. Then it talks about the secrets, here’s what I’m going to talk about today.

So you’re number one, secret number two, secret number three. So it guides you through that whole process.

Again, if you’re a ClickFunnels user and you don’t have this, you’re crazy, get it. And if you need someone to help you write webinars, get it.

All right, VSL wizard. I’m going to show you this as far as the wizards and then we’ll move  on to the other stuff.



So again, this is a brief sales letter. Like you see a sales videos on Facebook and they’re like 60 seconds.

Or if you go to a website and it’s like the cartoon or the whiteboard drawing, this is what this does here. So this is creating for me, hi, my name is Joe Dahlberg.

Now if you want to succeed in getting more fact leads, then pay very close attention.

Many HVAC business owners suffer from the idea that their customer is not on Facebook, but nothing could be further from the truth.

If you’re an HVAC business owner who needs more clients, then this is exactly what you’re looking for, right.  You get the idea and I go back and I tweak and make changes.

This is just a rough copy I’m doing for a client. But once this is pretty, and once this is done, it’s going to look like a pro did it Nobody’s going to know the difference.

So it’s absolutely crazy. I mean, Jim did an amazing job here.

I love this.  So it’s an easy survey script, all different kinds of stuff and again, if you’re not a ClickFunnels user, it may not make sense to you, but it doesn’t matter because some of the stuff you’re not going to use. Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media


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Have The Right Tools And You’ll Go Far! Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

Curiosity hooks right. Now, expert secrets is a book written by Russell and If you don’t have that book, you need to get it. I’ll put a link below. You get the book for free and you just cover the shipping.

Now It’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve got it here somewhere but you can pick it up. I’ll put a link for free. Also, if you don’t have click funnels, I’ll put a link for free for that for you guys.

So again, you don’t need to have those tools to use this but it has all the things that Russell teaches in his book.

So you can just go in through these different things and all these different, you know, curiosity hooks, like how to get people in the door, this helps me generate ideas for, writing Facebook ads or writing even Facebook posts.

Like, if you just put up, I learn more about this. Well this is gonna give me different ideas. It’s going to capture people and it’s all about doing that. What I love about this, I’ll show you here.



So like funnel hacking, let’s use the weight loss niche. A lot of people are in the weight loss industry. So I can put this in and this is just a sample, right But this gives me a place to start.

So what’s a secret term topic your target audiences may not know. So ketosis, somebody doing ketosis, and then it says, what does their main area of focus All right, well it’s weight loss, you know, and this could work for anything.

So let’s say, what does this secret term or topic target audience may not know, for me, it might be online lead generation, right and then what does the main area of focus here in two words, right Getting more customers.

And then I go down here and I just go build.



Now look, there’s about eight questions. So can you do that in less than five minutes probably and it’s going to give me all these things here, right.

All these little hooks I can use little known, big difference. There’s a little known thing called Ketosis.

Hardly anybody is talking about it, but when you learn it and use it, you’ll see a huge difference in your weight loss and how fast you can lose weight without exercising.

You can copy that and throw it right on a Facebook ad if you wanted to. You could make a post out of that.

I know nothing about this and I’m already intrigued right so, email, subject line scripts, Webinar, followup scripts. Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media


Question and High-Quality Answer Within A Few Clicks Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

Now I’m not going to go into every single one because they all follow this same format. They asked you the questions, boom, pump it out and there you go.

That’s what’s great here is now you can go here and I can save this so I can call it my ketosis one.  If I don’t want to print it out, I don’t have to, I can come back to it.

Now let’s say I do like this, I can download it right now. I can go to PowerPoint word, whatever. Also, let’s say I don’t like this one.

I like these bottom two and then I can just say, okay, I only want to download these. I download them It goes right to a spreadsheet.



It’s Pretty cool,  also, if I know I want this title, I could just hit copy, it’s copied on here. Boom. I open up my  Facebook ad or whatever and  I just copy and paste and it’s right there.


Headline Scripts Made Easy And Convert Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

So long form sales letter, short headline scripts and also, here’s killer headline scripts.  This is my favourite thing.

I use this all the time, so let’s just say here with something good. 10 minute workout revolution. I like using the weight loss ones.

Again, you have about 9 questions here.  Click bill and It gives me all these headlines and I can use proven killer headlines.



Now will you look at that. Boom. But it’s telling me variations of hot, warm, and cold. I can go in here and say, new claim, your instant access to the 10 minute workout revolution.

I don’t like that new. Watch this free video to discover how 10 minute workout revolution gives you an unfair advantage, which you know was shed belly fat and melt body fat, warm audience.



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Funnel Scripts Saves You So Much Time Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

Firstly Funnel Scripts really is easy to change up, I can switch right update or I maybe discover, and these are giving you ideas too.

You don’t have to say discover, but you get the picture, right So that’s, that’s pretty fricking amazing.

So think of a course title or subject. Describe the thing that’s revolutionary, it gives you ideas here too. I like to just use these and sometimes I do breakthrough, revolutionary little known.



It gets to; what is the pain they want to avoid? Answer can be ,not being able to and it doesn’t have to be perfect and I’ll show you not being able to spend time with family’ Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

So it’s all about having that quality of time, being able to work from home. You can see it asks; What is the roadblock they see as holding them back from their goal statement. Even if you tried, right.

I can even change this. I like this stuff too because I can kind of try to start a business online in the past and failed.

Sometimes I even just kind of taking out, it works for what I’m using.



So that’s why it’s great to use this, take one of these demos close to your thing and then you can adjust yours as, as required.


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Make Money In Less Time Than Ever Before Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

Now I do know that there is some amazing stuff coming out soon. I believe it’s gonna be some updates to the webinar script and things like that.

So a lot of great stuff coming and what I love about this is they are constantly updating this, constantly making it better so it’s going to be absolutely fantastic and there’s always training and if you go to the funnel scripts page on Facebook, Jim Edwards is on there doing training all the time, interviewing people.



So you get to see it in action, which is great and then you have your sales letters, you can do all your long form sales letters, short sales letter scripts.

Again, this looks at all these different headlines, emails, subject lines, headlines, scripts, headline scripts, possible title scripts, prep, million dollar sales line content scripts, short headline scripts & timeless classic headline scripts.


Don’t Pay A Fortune Anymore! Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media

You paid a fortune to get this done, the long form sales letter. How long would it take you to write a long form sales letter, a couple of days? I Dunno, you can do it here in minutes, short sales letter.

As well as that you have all the training demos, past Toronto funnel, Friday videos. You also get bonus of inception secrets and videos, which is fantastic. Shared funnels or shared funnels in here.

Okay, so boom, all that great stuff at the click of a button and don’t forget the expert secrets book. I’ll put a link below, It’s great and even better It’s free.

If you’re gonna use funnel scripts, I do recommend you have that because it’s a good resource. Writing Advertising Copy For Print Media


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